Monday, September 01, 2008

now I'm sad

I wasn't disappointed in the end the way many fans were. I thought its ambiguities and dangling plotlines were appropriate--Baltimore is deeply fucked up, and deserves a show that ends in deeply fucked-up ways. Much more satisfying as a whole than the catastrophic demise of Homicide. That two-hour movie finale was a joke!

I will say I was sad to pop in DVD #4 and find only one episode left. I'd assumed there'd be at least 13 episodes as in the other seasons. 10 episodes is too short. And yet I don't think they could have carried anything further.

The media focus is excellent and timely, given that my Sun paper arrives each day now with even less news and more Oprah-esque soft coverage. And about 30% more ad space in the A section following last month's latest re-design/re-launch.

Favorite moment? Kima in the window a block up my street with her partner's baby, saying goodnight to the hoppers and addicts and po-pos.

Now I gots to pour one out for my homies who departed this mortal realm in season V.

Next up? AMC's Mad Men.


Silenus said...

My favorite scenes:

1. Marlo : "That's some Spiderman shit."

2. Marlo : "MY NAME IS MY NAME!"

Designerd said...

can't WAIT!
I just brought home the first 3 x discs tonight... we're gonna start!

I heard it was a short season though... I should have warned you!

glad it ended good though...

sniff... poor deadwood.

:) jv

Nyarlathotep said...

"You just a boy."

"That just a knee."

Deadwood just breaks my heart.