Wednesday, September 03, 2008


So Palin's big moment was quite impressive. Yeah, she told some whoppers, like the charge that Obama has never authored any major reform legislation (he wrote the Transparency in Government act with Republican Senator Coburn while Bush and Cheney were hiding documents and deleting emails).

But such fibs are par for the course in any campaign. As political theater I thought it was pretty magnificent. She gives good acid tone. I haven't seen a Republican so capably deliver a speech since...God, it's been so long I can't recall. Gonna be a fun election to watch.

Democrats must remember that they've rarely faced an election they could not lose, even with the odds heavily in their favor. All the nonsensical attacks about Palin playing hoops and giving her kids silly names and her preggers daughter are a giant bear trap The Huffington Post fell right into. Same goes for ridiculing her time as mayor of a tiny town. Lots of salt of the earth in those tiny towns, after all. Go after her on creationism in schools and environmental issues and whatnot. Leave her family alone.

Oh, and note to Palin: You can't be both FOR bringing outside change to DC AND for a guy who's as hooked in as anyone in that town, "maverick" rep or no.

Note to Obama and Biden: Point out that Palin's party just oversaw the greatest expansion of the US federal government in history, and that its intrusions into our lives are well-documented. Attack hard with the facts. The idea that the Republicans will shrink government and curb spending is hilarious.

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