Friday, September 26, 2008

6th grade editorial cartoons

6th grade editorial cartoons, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

I gave out an extra credit packet. The last page asked students to write ten sentences or draw a picture about their experience at The Book. Some of them are heart-breaking.


Nick said...

Man, those are some pretty condemning statements. And really, so freakin sharply executed--pen/pencil like an awl. I'd love to see those up on the wall next time I visit the public libray--even if it is the county ones, it'd still be educational.

Nyarlathotep said...

The kids draw for me all the time and I hang their stuff on the wall in my room. I can't really hang these but I was tempted. I have to work out why the second one seems to picture me as the whip-hand. The student who drew it is gifted but a trouble-maker and a wise-ass. I have called her home several times and she gets in trouble with her mom. I take her commentary with a grain of salt, but think her point is still an important one and her point of view is important for people to see.

Plus, she is a clever and sophisticated artist.

Nick said...

Is it the glasses that made you think that? Otherwise, it doesn't look like you and the other figures are pretty detailed. Like you said though, very sophisticated drawing. Taran does them as well, but with fighting fry spies and fractal sharks. Give him time though, and we'll break him and he'll get bitter!

Nyarlathotep said...

The glasses and the fact that I'm her only white male teacher.