Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 16

After input from several 6th grade faculty members, Fate has been moved from chaotic Class From Hell and into my calm 2nd period class. She's kind of funny, sitting there astonished at the fact that people pay attention and do their work. Most of them. I do have to lay down the law in there from time to time, but it's nothing like the last class. Today a new kid threw a paper airplane and poured sunflower seed shells on my floor. He found out quickly how I roll. I called him momma right then and there on my cell. She assured me he would do right tomorrow, but that "he might not be in his seat because his ass gonna burn for two weeks!" This same kid told me in a little autobio assignment that he prays to Jesus every day. He better do so before going home tonight!

An 8th grader burst into my room today and refused to leave when I said "8th grade out!" He sneered at me and continued moving forward. This is common since I broke up that fight last week--youngsters want to see what I'll do. I bulldozed his ass out my door. He said "Fuck you nigger,I show you what's up comin' up on me like that." I looked at him over my glasses, calmly. "Don't come in my room." "I told you man, I show you what's up." "You threatening me?" I asked. He turned and left. Gold teeth in the front, sinister demeanor. He runs with the blues in the hood--I've seen him in a crew headed by the guy who brought a gun to school last year and kicked another kid into a coma outside my classroom.

Some of the 'wannabe' gangbangers in the building are actual gangbangers.

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