Sunday, September 14, 2008

i heart politics

Slowly the media begins doing its job re: Sarah Palin. Lies, cynical manipulations of fact, vendettas, cronyism, hypocrisy, absenteeism, nepotism, egotism, secrecy, subversion of the law, and general incompetence. In other words, Palin is G.W. Bush cloned with a wig. Or Dick Cheney with better marksmanship.

Unfortunately this catalogue of corruptions will not sway American voters. They care more about people sighing too much, or wearing "gay" sweaters, or getting wounded too many times while opponents were skipping National Guard duty back home and having daddy cover it up.


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Anonymous said...

My dear brother...I post this amazing summary done by Eve Ensler (vagina monologues)regarding her fears if Palin/McKain ticket gets in.

It's not just about the polar bears! Enjoy.

lil sis