Monday, September 22, 2008

I shoulda made that left turn at...

So a couple years back I "won" in an auction two round-trip tickets anywhere in the continental US for $500. It was at a fundraiser event for my wife's organization, and at the time I thought we could have probably gotten cheaper fares than that through Expedia. Now I know we got a good deal given skyrocketing airfare prices.

We chose to go to Albequerque: I wanted to see New Mexico and US Air doesn't fly to Sante Fe. So in March we'll be spending a bit more than a week tooling around in the Southwest. Yippee! Hot food. Cold mojitos. Anastazi ruins, caves, and deserts.

I need to add more US travel to my travels. I've seen shockingly little given my world travel experience.

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alicia said...

We just got back from Cancun, very hot, very humid and very sunny. We had no idea how Senior Week, the place is, our best day was spent on a Catamaran visiting in and around the Isle de Mujeres, not all women (to John's dissapointment). We went snorkeling that day and saw two different sea turtles, I followed one for a little while, and it turned and gave me a questioning look. But we had a good time, we met some other nice tourists and commiserated. Have fun in New Mexico, I hear it's a great place.