Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Tonight we bid on the St. Paul Street house. We toured our top three options again last night just to increase confidence in our choice, but came to the same conclusions after much agonizing and questioning and discussion.

If the owner of St. Paul rejects our bid we will move immediately to option #2 on University Parkway. It's a much smaller home, with less character, but it's been completely remodelled with all the bells and whistles, including a wonderful kitchen and three full baths. My biggest concern is that it might be surrounded by JHU rentals and we'll end up in the same predicament we faced in Towson: frat boys. The house is at the southern edge of Oakenshaw, which is one of the snootiest neighborhoods in town, but it is also on the border of trendy Charles Village within walking distance of all the cool stuff.

We'd be happy in either home. We're hoping one works out because time's a-wasting!

Last night we had a momentary "What the fuck are we doing?" moment where we both sort of realized our house was sold and commenced panicking. The neighbors obliged by returning from the bar at 2:30 am, cranking their music, and having a screaming fight in the bedroom adjoining ours. That's what we're doing.


Silenus said...

I used to see Lobster Boy around JHU a lot. He told me that he lives on Keswick HEY BRO!

geoff said...

Oh, Christ.

Silenus said...

P.S. The real CVP is a great bar and priced fairly. They serve G+T's in pint sized glasses.

geoff said...

We're in negotiations with St. Paul. They want us to pay more, we don't want to pay more. Might be moving on over to University Parkway. If that falls through, do you have any space in NY?

John Vondracek said...

PLENTY of "space in New York
as long as, by "space" you are referring to a "room" the way someone in Baltimore would be talking about a "closet"

but plenty of shops, museums, restaurants etc in walking distance... no need for a car!

:) jv

Silenus said...

If you can both fit on a half-sized chaise lounge then you're welcome to it.

geoff said...

We've been known to fit on a half-size chaise lounge...heh heh heh