Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The Mrs. and I saw Breillat's Romance at the Charles when it came out, and had a few good laughs (though I never saw it again). On a whim I got A Real Young Girl from Netflix. How can I best sum up my response to this picture? P-U!

A Real Young Girl combines the production values of Don't Look in the Basement with masturbation scenes whose degree of erotic interest approaches that of the crucifix sequence from The Exorcist. And it's boring--more boring than church, as Homer Simpson would say. No amount of boobies and fannies could rescue this celluloid train wreck. At times I imagined a John Waters commentary and then the movie got better. Otherwise, blegh.


Katrina said...

You should've paid attention to my Netflix rating -- I hated A Real Young Girl. Liked Fat Girl better, though I'm not really into French shock cinema.

geoff said...

You are doubly correct: your hatred for A Real Young Girl is spot-on, and indeed I should have paid attention to your Netflix rating!

Sometimes I like French shock cinema, however. This one? No. It's as bad as the king of bad French shock films.