Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The new house

We had our new house inspected yesterday. Everything went well, with only a few minor points of contention. One is a very tiny water stain in the ceiling of the 2nd floor bath. We definitely want the sellers to verify there is no leak in there, and if there is a leak, to fix it. Otherwise, a clean bill of health! View from the master bedroom toward the northeast (corner of Madison and Whitelock).
From the second floor bedroom looking south.
From the breezeway looking up at our fire escape. We have a million dollar view of downtown from our roof!
The kitchen gets gorgeous afternoon light through five enormous windows.
The listing agent had recently lost her husband and was telling us he was "not at rest." Crazy shit going on in her house! (More later)


alicia said...

The house looks amazing, I can't wait to see it. How far away is it from Ma's?

geoff said...

It's only about ten minutes by car. Perhaps five miles in a straight line between the new house and the old.

marcH said...

I mapquested the intersection. wow--you are close to Druid Hill park, which I love. Is that big glass conservatory still there?

Whats that stretch of North ave like? Hopefully something besides check cashing places. Are there decent grocery stores?

Please post more photos as you get them.

by the way--I'm leaving paradise in May. We're moving to Atlanta. So, you wont be the only person dodging drive-by bullets this summer in the name of real estate.

geoff said...

I saw that glass building in Druid Hill Park not more than two years ago. Hopefully it gets revamped like the tower on the northwest corner of Patterson Park. We'll be a quarter mile from the Park and reservoir, which is nice.

North Ave in that part of town has rejuvenated quite a bit. MICA has bought and refurbished many buildings, the public housing was demolished and replaced with stately brick rowhomes, and there's a lot of redevelopment.

Not much in the way of commercial stuff a la the Charles Village revitalization, however, but we're counting on that happening in the next few years. We're five minutes from groceries and eats and culture by car. And since I'll be driving to Towson every day I can still get groceries in the same places on the way home.

Your Florida adventure was a short-lived one. Glad to see you moving to even redder red-state America. God bless y'all.