Wednesday, January 17, 2007

And there was much rejoicing

After three bids and three counter-offers and three properties we walked away from without much disappointment, we found a place we really liked, one it would have hurt to lose. It's been a long search, but last night they accepted our offer and now, barring catastrophe, we have a new home.

We met some of the neighbors when we looked at the house. They were very friendly and excited to see people who were interested in buying into the neighborhood. One cat told me, however, that we might want to stay inside at night. It'll be just like when I was living in Philly.


Anonymous said...

Caongrats my brother! What a beautiful home!

Lil Sis

geoff said...

Thanks! You're next.

We acted a fool for a while last night, jumping around like characters from a Peanuts holiday special.

Alicia said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to see it, the pictures look amazing. This is very exciting.

geoff said...

Exciting and terrifying.

As soon as we went inside we had the same feeling we had more than a decade ago with our current house. We knew there was a reason we didn't counter-offer on the other places, even though our time was running out!

Gen'ral Zad said...

Congratulations! Lookin' mighty fine.

So where's it located that your future nabes are advising a lot of "indoor evenings"?

geoff said...

Madison Ave in Reservoir Hill. There's a lot of redevelopment down there, and property values have begun to explode. That redevelopment is mostly a block or more north of where we'll be, however. We're just south of Whitelock Street, which is some sort of invisible barrier dividing 'safe' from 'marginal.' Things get even worse south of North Ave.

In the row of houses we're buying into there is one other redeveloped rowhome--and the end unit is slated for rehab this year. It's a shell with a giant carriage house behind it which is apparently full of squatters. We're banking on the fact that two years from now Madison will be redeveloped from North all the way to Druid Hill Park, and this house will triple in value just like the one in Towson did.

If not, I sling meth on the corner.

MarcH said...

I am so happy for you both--the house looks like a real find, and I admire your pioneer spirit. I hope I can come see it next time I'm in town. (and if you befriend a nice, reliable meth dealer, I'd like his number).