Monday, January 08, 2007

Le Weekend

We got a lot of packing done already, so we're ahead of the game. Now we just need a place to live!


You know, Sushi Hana in Towson is an excellent joint, but they're off the hook busy now. It took us nearly an hour to get a seat with a reservation, and then another hour for the food. Of course the rolls were smashing and we'll suffer through the tedium again for the privilige of gnoshing them, but Sushi Hana needs a bigger space and a bigger staff, and sooner rather than later.

We went with K'wali and Klezma to celebrate her birthday and it was a most pleasant evening. Unfortunately the long wait ate into our typical board game time.


We saw Julio and Yo! Adrienne for the first time in a month and gave them some loot from Santa's sack. They were doing what most left-leaning urbanite intellectuals do on the weekend, namely watching Jackass 2 with one of Julio's MICA students. Ah, fresh horse semen and testicular leech torture!

Though I was terribly sorry to miss a Rob Thorworth show at the Austin Grill Friday, the return of Move Like Seamus after a two-month hiatus to Mick O'Shea's was more than adequate compensation. They hired a sound man with rather lavish equipment, and I've not heard them sound better. In the first set there were a few problems with disappearing guitars and some awkward mixes on the harmonies, but the second set was arguably the best Seamus has sounded (and I've seen them play one billion times). I'm not talking sound quality alone--their energy level and timing and harmonies were on point. Seamus United don't approve of two-month hiatuses, but we must recognize the band as refreshed after the break. Earthdragon was mad on the fiddle during Dolly Parton's Jolene and his guitar soloing was at a higher level than ever, Ellen Cherry has never been in better voice, Thundergod was laying it down (and for once his vocal harmonies were clearly audible), and though we miss Dr. Rock already newbie Eli proved himself a quality bassist. A good time was had by all, including a large crowd of new enthusiasts who arrived late. There was even a reunion of the All Asian and Pacific Islander Dance Squad.


We'd hoped to have put a contract on a house Sunday, but are awaiting a disclosure on one property which the listing agent seems unable to locate. Not a good sign, frankly. Desperately we dashed around town looking at a few more open houses, but my enthusiasm for the house hunt has waned to the point that I'm ready to move into a studio apartment if we have to. Even a gorgeous Victorian on Calvert Street with a foyer mirror ensconced in mahogany detailings was a chore to tour. I'm done looking at properties.

On the way home we stopped at the Belvedere Square market and loaded up on the good things we'll no longer be able to afford after buying another house. Like Nutella gelato, which is insanely good.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out. Glad you enjoyed it.

geoff said...

A good time was had by all!