Friday, January 26, 2007


Yo La Tengo is playing Sonar February 9th. Might be a nice break from packing.

[tip of the hat to Silenus, whose status as a newly minted Manhattan urbanite doesn't prevent him from following Charm City happenings.]


Heather said...

Chris and I will be there!

geoff said...

Awesome. I'll try to get Pat to go, but she'll inevitably say Yo la who?

alicia said...

I saw these guys back in like 95 or something while I was in college. Friends of mine went to CMU and Yo La Tengo were playing their spring festival. The music was good but on stage they kept all the energy to themselves, the audience was just incidental. But that was a lonng time ago.

geoff said...

I only have three of their CDs but they're very interesting. I particuarly like Electr-O-Pura and I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One.

I'll rip them for you next time you're in town.