Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cart before the horse

The house was listed officially last Friday, but because of the holiday it has not been entered into any website search engines. We don't even have an official for sale sign up, just some temporary plastic dealie.

And we had two showings tonight, and apparently an offer is pending already. Guess the painting paid off.

Christ, now we have to find a house to buy.


Seth Anderson said...

I was going to suggest removing some of your prior complaints about your neighbors, but perhaps (??!!) I'm overly paranoid if you've already received offers. I know if it was me, I'd google the shite out of any prospective new home, perhaps I'm a bit A.B. Normal though.

geoff said...

One of the crews looking through--the one who said they were making an offer--owns the house two doors down from us. They ARE the neighbors, or at least the investors who rent to the neighbors.

The others were out-of-state investors looking to buy and rent to students. It's gonna get even noisier 'round here!