Saturday, January 06, 2007



Anonymous said...

Moving is hell on earth. I feel for you.


geoff said...

Throwing and giving things away is fun, however.

Nick said...

I've been meaning to return your Dawn Of The Dead DVD with Epcot Plum wine back to you for months--is now a good time...or no?

geoff said...

Any time is a good time! I'll lend you some other stuff.

Nick said...

Aw, I was just foolin'--but we SHOULD get together at some time since I haven't seen you for over a year. I was just done readin' your archives to keep up: Your foot is still out of comission? What the hell happened??

Why did both genius JBs [brown and Barbera] have to pass away within days of each other, I can't take that stress! I saw that one of the horses pullin' JB's hearse to the Apollo was called Whitey!!

You're probably in the ballpark as far as your L. Sterne/ Chris Ware comparison. I however am still on the fence about all of those kind of form over content artists. Or at least form so complex and difficult that my puny brain has a hard time gleaning the meaning artists. I read the parts of "building stories" in Brunetti's anthology though--which is maybe the best mini course on english language comics thing around. I read Promethea [no thanks to you heh heh!] really great work there. You get to Epileptic or One Hundred Demons yet? Also enjoyed Yoshihiro Tatsumi's work; Medley's Castle Waiting; and Complete Peanuts lately.

Nice piece on Sagan BTW.

As for travel we went South this time, into Houston first, over to LA then through to Florida and drove all the way back. Big Hill Rd. in Winnie, a straight shot of tarmac to nowhere ending at a slight ridge in the distance. Ominous orange city light glows singeing? the underside of the clouds; Billy D. Sr. exclaimed there was "big stuff" going on out there, translation: Strategic Petroleum Reserve, shitload of oil sunk into an old gutted salt dome!

Had a nice relaxing time with my parents. Fig cake, rice field jaunt looking for crawfish with Taran, the required quickie while relatives distracted, one man band at SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA WAR VETERANS HOME in Jennings, Gautreaux's Doughnuts in Rayne--they open at 2fuckinAM in the morning for business and they were packed at 7am with a table full of old farmer guys bee-essin. Hit Lejeune's for stuffed ponce [pig's stomach stuffed with succulent sausage stiched up and smoked!] sausage and tasso but mourned the loss of Johnson's store--made the best boudin ANYWHERE for over sixty years, closed half a year ago and now reopened as a convenience store on the wrong side of the tracks [much more so than you can imagine] owned and operated by a Vietnamese fellow who is not making so much dough himself.[
neverending stream of about a zillion blackbirds, felt like I was floating in space in the rice field.

Ft. Walton Bch at night--Gulf is big and dark and zonked me right back to a nightmare I had earlier this year about boardwalk shops and tidal waves of red seaweed at night.

Constable show in D.C. nicest exhibiti I've seen, just perfect note for note.

thanks for all the great book suggestions, dreams, semi-ficticious brawls and the pleasing terrors; although I remain skeptically yours..

Seth Anderson said...

ok, the alchoholi-hic in me wants to know what is in the unopened bottle on the center shelf.

geoff said...

Tis a wee bit o' Tullamore Dew

John Vondracek said...

MOVING TIPS (brought to you by the Onion)

15. To avoid breakage, glass items should be melted down, then re-blown after moving into your new home.

14. Six weeks before moving day, fill one small box with books, seal it tightly, and write "books" on top in permanent marker. Then do nothing more until the day before your move.

13. If using friends to help move, show your grattitude by buying them a pizza. Don't mention that a professional mover would have cost about 300 times more than a pizza.

12, It is heartless and cruel to leace a pet at the humane society because of a move. Smother it in the bathtub and bag it up for trash day.

11. Throw smoke grenades into every room of your new home to flush out any possible Viet Cong.

10. Get a jump on things by cancelling electricity and water service several weeks before moving.

9. Move to Portland. It's a really cool city. They've got all these awesome parks downtown.

8. Waiting until the truck is pulling away to say goodbye to old neighbors will make moving day a very moving day, indeed.

7. Instead of writing "Fragile" on boxes containing breakables, place a copy of Yes' Fragile on top.

6. Let professional movers take care of large, heavy items such as furniture and my cock.

5. Boxes are an unnecessary expense. Place all possesions in the truck and fill it to the top with packing peanuts.

4. Don't get too excited when you see a U-Haul truck that says "Moves Only $19.99" on the side. These signs are only intended as a joke.

3. After relocating to your new home, remember that you are legally obligated to go door-to-door informing your new neighbors that you are a convicted sex offender.

2. Rushing the previous tennants out of the apartment you're moving into is a great way to score free toiletries.

and number 1....

For the love of God, don't ever move.

:) jv

geoff said...


I have another rec for Epileptic, too; at some point I'll get there. Now doing Persepolis.

Thanks for the travelogue--that rocks. I too encountered a troubling river of blackbirds lately. There was a monster swarm of them gathered at a school near Hamilton when we were looking at a house, and as we drove back northwest to Home Depot the sky was black with them. Like something out of The Stand.

And John--re: #3. I've not yet been convicted.