Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Commence Bidding Wars

Ice cold real estate market? What ice cold real estate market?

The first two groups to tour our house put in contracts for the asking price. There are three more viewings scheduled for this afternoon.

Of course, we know what can happen with contracts (the inspection, God forbid, could turn up a surprise or two). I'm hoping we start a little bidding war, however, which results in more moolah for a down payment on the next place.

We never expected this kind of quick response. Our agent says the listing is "extremely active." We should have asked for more!


john Vondracek said...

i thought from the get-go that you were asking too little

may god have mercy on the new tennants!

:P jv

geoff said...

It's the mysteries of the marketplace. The house needs updates on all major systems and the kitchen and bath should be gutted--that's why we only asked for three times what we paid for it. Never expected it to go for so much so easily--the contract we're likely to accept doesn't even require an inspection.

Oh, well. Now we have to get our asses in gear and pick a new place. We've got some great potentials around Johns Hopkins, and at least one a few blocks down the road in Towson.

Thanks for Deadwood, by the way! With packing and moving it might be a while before we get to it.