Thursday, January 11, 2007

A brief programming note

Sorry for the spotty posting here. What with packing and house-hunting the book and film consumption have dwindled so far in 2007 to an alarming low.

There are currently four books underway and I hope to get them finished this weekend for comment. Also--perhaps a film or two. Netflix keeps sending DVDs that won't play, however.

I thought about doing a post on Bush's speech, but his credibility is so diminished he's set on auto-parody. Nothing more needs to be said to anyone who sat through that Strangeloveian, Orwellian, Kafka-esque schpiel. Immanetize the Eschaton!

We had a brief back-and-forth over house #1 which ended in a stalemate. Seller refused to come down and we refused to go up--thirteen grand separated our high ceiling from his floor. We moved on to option #2, and have begun looking for options #3 and #4, just in case.

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