Tuesday, January 02, 2007

You say you want a resolution

2006, like most years, was a mixed bag. Positives? I escaped the Liberry and evening/weekend work hours. I finished the French Lit degree. I read cover-to-cover 100 books (not counting books by Cleary and Blume and E. B. White and Roald Dahl read for work)--and another dozen or so were left in various states of completion when the ball descended Sunday night (including half of a 1600-page novel). We managed to escape the US once for a week in the Yucatan. We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. I broke my self-imposed exile from rock music and added hundreds of hours of tunes to my collection.

Negatives? A foot injury in July sidelined me after nearly 20 years as a road runner. Biking, walking, step climbing--all of that is too painful at this time, leaving the wholly impractical swimming option, or a complete lack of cardio. I didn't do any writing outside of what happens here for the first time in years. I spent much of the year mystified about self/world/future, and continued a slide into miserable anti-social curmudgeonhood.

So we come to resolutions. I resolve not to make any.

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