Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend Netflix

Um, I don't heart Huckabees. I'm mystified that such a talented cast would deign to star in what amounts to a two-hour episode of Northern Exposure. I wish there were such a thing as brain floss to eradicate this from memory. Isabelle Huppert: qu'est-ce-que vous avez faites ici?

Now, that's more like it. Not as good as Red, but damn good nonetheless. Kieslowski is a master--no detail escapes his attention; even the French language tapes his hapless Polish protag listens to are thematically significant (he's studying le subjonctif).

A masterwork. One of the first "art" films I ever saw, and perhaps one of the first "foreign" films as well. As fresh and challenging as the first time I saw it more than a decade ago.