Thursday, June 30, 2005

Is there hope?

Last night I told K'wali that I didn't see much chance of Bush getting his ass handed to him in a much-deserved impeachment. The country was scandal-exhausted before the fake Clinton-era fuck-fest; do Americans have the stomach for another impeachment, warranted or no?

But there are hopeful signs:
  • Coingate could derail the Ohio Republican machine, and bring more attention to Conyer's report of 2004 election irregularities there
  • Jack Abramoff might not enjoy being left out to dry by Tom DeLay, and may decide to take his major legislative patron along for the ride
  • Katherine Harris is pissed--can Rove and Co. afford to bite the hand that got them there? Will she talk if they continue not to play nice with her Fla. Senate aspirations?
  • The Plame Game: Whose name will be revealed as the leaker byTime magazine? Will there be repurcussions for the Admin?
  • Any or all of the above could lead to further Downing Street/9-11 incompetence hearings.

So impeachment may be unlikely, but with W.'s poll numbers in the toilet, a more contrary media revving up, and Americans starting to wake from their slumber and ask questions--even red-staters!--we might indeed see some of these crooks nailed at last.