Monday, June 13, 2005

Take That, Nancy Grace

I think this MJ trial was bullshit from the get-go, and not because Jackson isn't a superior freak (he is), but because Americans don't tolerate difference well at all, and they become especially hysterical when children are involved, and some scammers thought they could use that hysteria and their target's freakishness in order to get some $$$.

Remember when Ozzy Osbourne was the most morally abominable creature ever to crawl from the ooze of pop culture in order to infest our youth? Look at him now! Back then MJ was a wholsomely freaky guy--perhaps he can redeem himself too with a reality TV show.

Whenever there's universal condemnation of a celebrity by the talking heads on CNN/MSNBC/FOX, I get suspicious. The stuff Nancy Grace said routinely about Jackson was completely contrary to any standard of justice or fairness, and I hope she eats West Nile-infected crow and gets her ass cancelled, 'cuz she sucks. I'm going to send her this:

Of course Jackson might have done something unsavory at some point--but he's been through the legal system twice now without any substantial findings, so perhaps not. I'm sure next year we'll see him in debtor's prison.