Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh, Canada

We're off to Toronto for a Flip Cuzzin wedding this weekend. Cha and her folks are leaving tomorrow and driving--I'm working tomorrow night until 10pm, then catching a 6:30am flight on Friday (ugh).

I've been to Toronto several times but have never actually seen the city (at least as an adult--when I was 12 we spent a day doing touristy stuff with my family). The last few times have been for family events (Cha has relatives there) and we spent time at the events and drove home immediately after. Here's hoping we get at least an afternoon to ourselves this weekend to get out and tour around town, but it's not likely. Although we have a four day weekend, her father is demanding that we leave early Sunday. With the rehearsal dinner Friday and the wedding Saturday it looks like we'll be missing out again on Canada's major metropolis.