Monday, June 27, 2005


Strange, intricate dreams of late. Can only recall fragments from the last several nights:

  • Leaving a bar on a Sunday evening, I notice an African American drag queen signalling to another African American. They're obviously going to mug me if I go left (north) up the street where it's darkest, so I decide to go right. The drag queen makes an exaggerated gesture of exasperation [see Jung re: The Hermaphrodite] when I go the other way. Other bar patrons I tell think I'm being paranoid. I never go to bars on Sunday evenings. In fact, I go perhaps once a month to a bar these days, so this dream is extra-screwy.
  • I leave a liquor store with a case of wine. The bottles are not all the same, I've merely bought twelve and am carrying them in a box. At home as I'm putting them in the rack I notice a cheap bottle of raspberry wine with a homemade crayon label. I think: WTF? In the dream I can recall holding the bottle and reading the list of ingredients on the label.
  • My wife has an affair with an 18-year-old man and tells me about it. I'm not really pissed off but I am hurt, particularly when she enthuses about his ability to fuck again and again and again. I say "Well, he's 18, after all," and wake up to find my wife crying in her sleep. When she wakes she tells me she had a bad dream.
  • I'm in France and I'm somehow in "society." I run into a gay friend from high school--he's wearing a jacket and tie of the sort one sees "society" kids in the US wear at exclusive private schools. He's cultivating me by introducing me to old money in Paris and I am disgusted to find myself trying very hard to play the part I think I must play to succeed here. The entire dream is in French, and my French in the dream is much better than in real life, but the French in my dream is real French that I know, I just can't spew it as quickly in real life.