Tuesday, June 07, 2005

As we age we become parents to our parents

So just as I'm trying to get refinancing for our big renovation project, along comes the need to co-sign for a mortgage for Cha's parents. They're both retired and are trying to buy a new house--well, her Mom is trying, and Dad won't sign anything and he keeps sabotaging the process, hence the need for us to co-sign. Why is he doing this? Because he's a prick. If Cha's Mom sells their valuable land he'll steal half the money and run to the track with it, or immediately fly to the Philippines and gamble it away on cockfights. And so long as she won't sell he won't let her buy. The last time she bid on a house he showed up for the meeting with the mortgage dudes and threw a tantrum just as they were getting ready to sign. He loves playing these fucked up games. The house they're living in is a shambles; it's an early '80s modular and it's pulling an Usher--I can see through the seams upstairs and the flooring and joists are rotting at an alarming rate. They need to move.

I don't want to be selfish, so I'm going along with co-signing. We want them nearer to us, nearer to the stores, and nearer the hospitals, and the house they're bidding on is two miles away from us and all the amenities of downtown Towson (which includes some rather good hospitals), and is really nice. I'm glad to help.

But all our plans to fix up 2 York are again out the window. If this deal goes through we'll co-own another house, in much better condition than ours, for somebody else to live in. And they already own a house and several acres in Parkton worth at least $500k. I can't wait to inform the contractors who have bid and sent me detailed proposals, and then amended proposals on my suggestions, and the bankers working on loan proposals for us, that we can't do this now. That'll be great fun.