Monday, June 06, 2005

Sweet Leaf

More evidence that we live in Bizzar-O world: Rehnquist, O'Connor, and, gulp--fucking Clarence Thomas get it right (as in correct, not Right-wing).

I'm sick of the whole medical marijuana argument because I've read hundreds of freshmen essays about it, and also because weed should plain and simple be available at the 7-11 next to the chili cheese nacho machine. How about taking that $15-20 billion per year wasted on arresting, prosecuting, and jailing potheads and using those funds instead to set up treatment centers for meth and OxyContin victims?

Hey Christers! This is a plant God created, which grows naturally. Our fucking Constitution is written on its fibers, after all, and George Washington grew it himself. The guy who is arguably more important than anyone in the rise of modern conservatism is a doobie-smokin' sumbitch of the first order. How can you rectify your conservative "free market" ideology with prohibition of weed? How can you be for small government and yet help fund with your tax dollars an expensive and elaborate war on drugs that's doomed to failure? Your hero GWB has himself cooked up a few bongloads of sticky green. Wake up!