Thursday, June 09, 2005

11th on the 11th

Saturday the 11th is our numerologically significant 11th wedding anniversary, and we're off to the hot town of Berkeley Springs, WVa for the weekend. What's in BS, you ask? Hot springs, trees, massage joints (tho no happy endings for us married folk), weird-o craft/new age shops, good cheap eats. Oh, and Washington's bathtub. We rented a remote fucking cabin there two years ago and it was a blast.

I'd kind of hoped for a NYC or DC weekend, but the small-town route will do us good. Less pressure to do stuff. I took a three-day weekend this weekend--actually, I've taken the next four weekends as three-day weekends!--so getting to NYC/DC will be no problem anyhow in the near future.

I should get back to Philly--I haven't been there in many years. Now that the Dali show is gone it may be safe again.