Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Leave Dr. Dean Alone

I get the feeling Dean must be doing exactly the right things if Republicans are so up in arms about him. He's raising money for the Dems at a faster clip than during other off-election years, he's speaking his mind, and he's building infrastructure in parts of the country the McAuliffe crew had given up on years ago.

So he said the Republican Party is a "white Christian" party? This is news?

Last night I caught Chris Matthews on Leno as I surfed trash TV; what a jerk! He trashed Reid and Dean and bellowed that Americans are sick of the Democrats screwing everything up in DC. He got very tepid applause and insulted a Mormon in the audience. He badly needs that pumpkin head of his crammed in a bowling ball polisher.

Hmmm...Iraq War, the economy in the shitter, blown deficit, a secretive government, torture scandals, Halliburton on the take. The DEMOCRATS are screwing everything up?

Yes, some of them are--which is why I'm an Independent. But I like the fact the Donkey has got some balls for the first time in ten years.