Saturday, January 10, 2009

Titans? Nevermore!

My passion for sports--professional sports, in particular--is at a historic low. I can't abide pro baseball, I find the NBA unwatchable, and I rarely watch tennis.

But I still watch a little NFL from time-to-time. I've seen at least part of most of the Ravens games this year, and take pride in the fact that Baltimore has one of the few teams with a literary pedigree (I suppose, too, that the Tennesse Titans have a literary pedigree--Greek Myths are taught as literature most often these days after all).

I like the current Ravens team with its mix of various running backs and its tough young quarterback with an undeniably basic football name: Joe Flacco. They're fun to watch, because they have Nothing to Lose. Nobody expected them to make the playoffs this year, after all.

The current Ravens are not the same team Tennessee rolled over earlier in the season. I'm looking forward to a major upset today, and I'm hoping Flacco and Todd Heap finally get in-synch, because Heap is going to be a key option if Mason and Clayton can't get open downfield.

Plus, I wrote "Go Ravens" on my chalk-board yesterday during first period, and my students became unbelievably excited. I let them use multi-colored chalk to write the names and numbers of their favorite players on the board and all day the other classes were like "dag, Mr. G, that look HARD."

I can think of no better way to laze away today than watching the Terrapins play Georgia Tech at noon and the Ravens play Tennessee at 4. I have a gig tonight so will need to be well-rested for that long haul to 3am. Cleaning the house? F@ck that sh@t.


Nick said...

I must be getting like my Pa Pa--college football all the way. But this game might be good, I don't mind this team as much as before. It's just the majority (not u) of the Ravens fans really get on my nerves. This coming from a kid who was picked on for my Colts jacket on the bus and at school. Fair weather muthaphuckers.

Anonymous said...

you completely forgot about European football! That is still the one and ONLY true sport! World cup only another year away......