Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's nice to see a speech by a President who understands history. Barack in B'more yesterday not only made dutiful references to Charm City's historical importance, but he also riffed on Lincoln's "better angels" and made an important point notoriously absent from American leadership of late: the American Revolution did not end when the British went home. It continues in a noble experiment. Each generation of Americans either moves the United States toward a more perfect Union, or moves it backwards. Obama understands this, after too many years of backsliding and the elevation of know-nothingness into a presidential virtue.

Gone is the arrogance. Now we have a leader willing to say "I will make mistakes." Refreshing, that. I for one will be ready to pounce when I disagree with policy decisions, but for now I'm pleased and hopeful. Looking forward to a big day on Tuesday.

Cha and Leesha and The Bus left from here and were able to get in to see The Big O. I stayed home sick and watched on TV.

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