Thursday, January 15, 2009


Wolverine flies around space in a snow globe in order to fulfill the Mayan calendar. Sometimes he's a Spanish Conquistador on a quest for the Tree of Life, at others a scientist seeking to cure death.

I had to see it because it's Aronofsky--I'm glad I did, but the parts which held me rapt were alas outnumbered by those which make Alex Gray's canvases look like high art.

Still, a nifty digital take on Kabalah and The Golden Bough; riverrun, past Eve and Adam's and all that--and I have come to wound the autumnal city.



Designerd said...

yeah, I hated the fountain. (well, extremely dissapointed is more accurate)

But even when DA fails, it still demands one or 2 viewings!

can't WAIT to see the Wrestler...

:) jv

Anonymous said...

Did you just quote Dhalgren? Love that novel ... !

Kai in NYC

Nyarlathotep said...

Good eye! Love it too. Haven't re-read since I was in my 20s though--should pick it up soon.