Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sick Day

Two things about me:
  • I have little tolerance for repetitive, unproductive meetings
  • I don't often call out sick from work
Since I would have to be deathly ill to miss school on a day when students are around, and since there are two full days of repetitive, unproductive meetings scheduled, I am using sick time.

I don't feel guilty. I AM sick. I've been continuously sick since September with a rotating combo of sinus/throat/flu symptoms. And my neck and left shoulder hurt like a mother after I slept in some unintended Yoga pose all night Monday. And I've already written two lesson plans today to boot! I'll be far more productive here at home.

February and March are a long bleak stretch, if memory serves from last year. We've got the oasis of President's Day, and that's it.
I need to rest and re-charge now.

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