Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 36

I love when I struggle to get a tough 8th grade class under control and then the Administrators say "8-04 is under control now, let's put a lunatic in there with those kids to straighten him out," and then I get a transfer notice in my mailbox that a lunatic is coming into my nice, calm, class that I got in line after months of work.

And the lunatic blows up everything and sets off a conflagration day 1. Sigh.

I met my new sixth grade class today, speaking of lunatics! I gave them a student interest survey and for the question "What are your hobbies" one of the girls wrote "licking balls." Can't wait to show that one to her mommy! They're an unusual and active bunch, but appear to be infinitely more manageable than the old 7th grade class. Of course Day 1 is no gauge--they're feeling me out and have not yet decided to test me. I have McGiilicutty running around watching behavior I can't see, which helps. Male teachers are rare in the City--two males in one room is extremely rare. The kids asked if we thought they were "retarded" and needed two teachers. I said "No. We think you're so smart that we need two teachers to keep up!"

Tomorrow Home Office inspectors are walking the school at random. I'm ready.

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