Sunday, January 04, 2009

spirit=willing; flesh=weak

What heinous infectious beasties are breeding in my bloodstream I know not, but they suck. I've had sinus difficulties on and off since September--this is the plight of the public school teacher, and I deal with it. This new illness is disheartening, however, because it drains me at a time when I need to be energized. School starts up again tomorrow! We have a gig next Saturday! I need to fire on full cylinders starting at 6am Monday.

I feel like I have the flu but without the vomiting and diarrhea--very weak, feverish, and tired. I slept more than 10 hours yesterday, and only woke shortly before noon because the Mrs. was poking around the bedroom. Then I took a three-hour nap in the afternoon. Whatever this is, I've had it for three days running and would like it to go away.

This morning after a sold 8 hours of sleep I felt more tired than last night. My muscles ache.

Good thing I'm not planning much today. I'll sit through the Ravens game at 1pm and do some reading. Got a couple days' of lesson planning done this morning, which helps.

Despite the sickness I feel renewed. Saw friends and family over the break and that's always fun--ate a ton of great food and had good wines and heard good music. I intend to grab 2009 by the cojones and run with it. Here's hoping you do the same.

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