Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day 26

I was all freaked out following a surprise staff meeting called at the last minute yesterday. The principal read the staff the riot act because the school had been hell all day (I note that the administrators weren't much help--ahem!). Then she listed several things she'd seen in classrooms--one was a veiled reference to mine--that displeased her.

I brought my concerns up at a team meeting today and everyone laughed at me. "You just got to handle your business the way you been doin'," they told me. "We hear that shit all the time. They drop pressure on us because some fool above them drops pressure on them. Everyone panics for a few days and nothing changes. Do your thang and ignore it. The day they actually fire teachers in Baltimore is far off, recession or no. They still shipping 'em in from the third world, for Christ's sake!"

Two of the worst offenders in my first period class have been remanded to "alternative in-school academics." I have to write lessons for them, but I won't have to deal with them. Woo-hoo! I might be able to teach the other kids something for once. JJ and Motormouth are no more.

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