Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 37

I don't understand the City Schools snow policy. Every jurisdiction closed today because nobody knew what was going to happen, but the City Schools stayed open. Turns out the snow wasn't so bad--we had a couple inches by noon when the snow stopped completely.

AND THEN the City decided to close early. WTF? I mean, I'm not complaining, but why do that? It took us a half-hour to get the school cleared of kids hyperventilating with excitement, and then they formed a gauntlet of snow-ballers outside. When I left the staff were huddled in their coats in the lobby looking out the windows at middle schoolers clutching fistfuls of dirty snow. I was like "I'm not waiting" and I went outside. The kids cleared a path for me and I cleaned off my car and left. "He ain't scared like them others," one boy said, turning back with his snowballs and waiting.

C'mon, ice storm! I need tomorrow off because Thursday and Friday are planning meeting days with no students. I fully intend to use sick time for the first time as a full-time teacher. I am POOPED.

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