Friday, January 09, 2009

Day 29

I was taking a nap after school this evening and the phone woke me up. I went downstairs and Cha had a message for me: TV Wonder had called, asking to speak to me. He was the rotund fella in my 2nd period class at the Book who, when I announced I was leaving, said "I'ma go into the corner and cry." He promptly did so.

I called him back and we chatted for 15 minutes. There was another former student with him. They told me how much the kids miss me and want me to come back. I said "I miss you guys too." They talked about the student who was killed and about Ed Reed coming to the school. They told me someone lit the band room on fire.

TV told me about this page, which has a nice video of Ed Reed at the Book the month before I was transferred (and TV of course is in there). Reed's a good guy, and will hopefully snatch a couple picks as the Titans get their livers eaten out for all eternity by the Ravens tomorrow. Many of my former students and co-workers are in this vid, and to watch it makes me happily sad.

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