Thursday, January 08, 2009

Day 28

First period, an auspicious beginning as Take This Job and Shove It threw a hardback novel at Danger Boy--he ducked like Bush in a YouTube video and the novel hit my laptop, where I was typing anecdotal notes. Dead silence in the room. Tie Fighter said "Dag, Mr. G gonna blow his top." But I didn't. Take This Job and Shove It walked over to the board and wrote her own name on the Phone Call list. Then she picked up the book and apologized. "Thank you," I told her. "I'm glad you didn't break my computer." Tie Fighter said "She'd have to be cashing them welfare checks then, dawg!" I glared at him and he walked over and wrote his name on the Phone Call list too.

Third period the kids were rowdy but they got their work done. I'm to the point now where I have a reasonable rapport with the kids, even those who tell me to fuck off regularly. Those dwindle in number. Many of the kids--even those who wear on my nerves 100% of the time--are growing on me. I'm starting to feel the same passion for them I had for my sixth graders at the Book earlier this year.

My seventh graders put on their plays today--disastrous! What a mess. They kept screaming at each other over mistakes and their script pages were out of order and in one play a corpse got tired of playing dead and jumped up and said "Are you all coming to my funeral?" Fun times. I get paid for this?

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