Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 33

Just pooped today. I walked about 5 miles total yesterday, stood on my feet in the ridiculous cold for four hours in one spot, was pushed along and pulled and bobbed like a buoy in a sea of aimlessly wandering souls in subway stations, at Union Station, and on various jammed avenues (and was jostled by D.L. Hugley--and saw Garrison Keillor).

Even though I slept deeply and well I was exhausted at wake-up this am, and have not recovered. I've been exhausted since September, with no relief in sight!

The kids liked my videos from the Mall, but complained that I didn't actually film Obama. "He was a half-mile from me," I explained to no avail. Then they asked me if the Mall had an American Eagle.


fernie said...

Sounds like fun!

ajc said...

I, too was dissapointed there was no American Eagle at the mall, I was atleast hoping for an Auntie Ann's pretzel.