Thursday, December 14, 2006


December 14th, and it's 65 degrees. That's in the neighborhood of twenty degrees above average for Baltimore.

At this rate my contributions to the Saudis, the Venezuelans, the Nigerians, and the Big Oil conglomerates will be a record low this holiday season. Typically by this point I'd have shelled out $400 bucks to the C. Hoffberger Oil Co., Inc. for home heating oil. The delivery dude dropped by last week to refill our tank and couldn't fit a gallon in. Ha! Some poor prince in the House of Saud might not be able to afford another Filipina guest worker unless there's a deep freeze 'round these parts soon.

Perhaps instead of buying a house in Baltimore we should consider a lot in Nova Scotia (but well inland). Potential beachfront property up there might turn out to be a good investment.

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