Sunday, December 31, 2006


A recurring theme in the recently-become-late Frederick Busch's collection of short fiction is the story of Hansel and Gretel (hence the title). The protagonists are rarely children, but confront a dark, mysterious world gone a bit off the rails. As I approach middle age I appreciate Busch's work, because the world confuses me more now than it did when I was a wee lad. The more we learn, the less capable we become of understanding the ways things work.

And now, off to debauchery downtown.

Happy New Year y'all.


John Vondracek said...

YAY! 100!!!!! ha ha ha
good gravy man
that's a lot of reading!

congrats and here's to the NEXT 100!

geoff said...

Thanks man. If I hadn't slacked off so much the last four months I could've topped 120 easily.

I blame house painting and Netflix. Oh, and pronography.