Friday, December 08, 2006

Dick gets his due

I was pleased no end when the Library of America (whose volumes I collect slowly) decided to enshrine Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, Cthulu, and Shub-Niggurath in a splendid edition edited by Pete Straub. I didn't buy the tome, however, because I've got the complete Arkham House edition of HPL, and a dozen paperback editions to boot. And, well, frankly--how often do I read that stuff any more? Once every couple of years I'll bust out The Case of Charles Dexter Ward or The Outsider, but I don't often revisit Lovecraft.

It wasn't the first time my favorite pulp writer achieved Library of Americification. A couple of his poems were included in the American Poetry of the 20th Century, Volume I collection (through what I'm sure was an editorial oversight, HPL's glorious epic Fungi from Yuggoth escaped inclusion).

Now the Library of America has decided to release a collection of Phil Dick novels. That's cool too, but while the Library is messing around releasing trendy volumes they are ignoring their proposed Complete Henry James edition. Still lacking are the final late phase novels and James's three-volume autobiography. My patience wears thin!

Note: When you click on the Amazon link to purchase the entire Library of America catalog, their 'Better Together' software recommends Nacho Libre on DVD as a quality accompaniment.

[Hat tip to Steven Hart]

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