Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I'd pledged not to buy any more DVDs, but then I got a Target gift card from work for the exact amount of The Simpsons season nine set. In order to avoid actually looking around in Target the week before Xmas, I grabbed it off the display and high-tailed it out the door (after paying, of course).

Season nine is great, and includes my favorite all-time Ralph Wiggum line: "It tastes like burning."

The Simpson's take on Lord of the Flies? C'mon, it's a classic. As is the Halloween special. Homer vs. New York, The Cartridge Family, Lisa the Skeptic, The Joy of Sect, The Trouble With Trillions, Trash of the Titans, and Natural Born Kissers--these are all superior episodes. Yes, there are more duds this year than in previous seasons, but what the hell?

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poptart said...

The Garbage Man can!! :D