Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Le Weekend

Four days off, back at work. Where does the time go?

Friday we had dinner at the new Indian joint in Towson--Cafe Spice. I like. It's been open two weeks and I've been there three times. K'wali and Klezma joined us, and we discussed plans for a ski trip in January. I don't ski.

Saturday was Xmas with Cha's family. We gorged on food and opened loot all day. This year the party was at Ma's house instead of ours, which was a nice change. The New York and North Carolina crews were in town and it was good to have everybody under one roof again.

Sunday we chilled. We went to see The Good Shepard, which is an interesting film but a bit empty somehow. After, we drove through the sublimely ridiculous Miracle on 34th Street. We ate leftovers and then had our own private Xmas. There was a message from Julio but when I called him back he and Yo! Adrienne were at the movies, so we missed them.

Early Xmas day Bibs and Jacko brought back some goodies from his mother's house in New York. She passed away recently and Jacko kindly thought of us as he went through her large collection of knick-knacks. They left for NC and we left for Xmas at my folks' house in PA. I was confronted immediately with the York Dispatch newspaper upon arrival. On the cover of the Local section was my niece Danie and beneath her photo was a shot of my biological father enjoying a breakfast for homeless winos. The last time we spoke was when he became homeless--I tried to help him out by buying him a few weeks in a hotel, and he stole my credit card number off the hotel receipt and paid his old debts. He's a bastard. But Xmas was nice, with only the usual amount of family drama. We gorged all day and opened loot again.

Santa brought me the things I asked for: a digital camera, and some software to help me learn Tagalog (Tamatalon ang batang babae). He didn't, however, come through on the World Peace request. I got lots of bonus goodies I didn't anticipate--thanks everybody.

New Years' Eve looms and we haven't made plans yet. I'm sure we'll find a way to blow $300.

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