Monday, December 04, 2006

Bored at work

Yesterday we looked at houses in Hampden, hon! A couple of them were very cute and had been remodelled exquisitely. The only problem? TINY. I've never seen a master suite with a jet tub and seperate shower and walk-in closet that had insufficient space for a double bed. One Formstone-coated end unit was small but not tiny. It needs work but remains a possibilty because at the price it's a steal. It was equidistant between the Avenue and the Miracle on 34th Street (which is already in full effect). The Mayor's Parade was happening, and it was a bit difficult to get around town yesterday.

I think we're done looking for now. We've looked at 40 houses this year, and it's become a chore. Meanwhile I continue patching and painting to list our place.

Last night we had the President of the Community Association and another member over. They presented a Manifesto of Community Expectations to the dude next door. He was a bit uncomfortable getting lectured but definitely wants to avoid the threatened reprisals. He pledged to move his home stereo subwoofer and speakers to the other side of his house, and assured the President that he would no longer host loud parties. I asked him to come to the Community Association meetings so we could get his POV instead of simply conniving behind his back. Noam: "One does not believe wholly in freedom of speech unless one supports freedom of speech for one's enemies."

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