Friday, December 15, 2006

An Apology

I had un-published comments built up for a couple weeks or so after changing some Blogger settings--I apologize for the oversight (hat-tip to Seth, who alerted me last time I screwed up similarly).

I wanted to prevent spam comments, and ended up blocking all comments. All have now been liberated from their digital corral, and responded to as well.


Seth Anderson said...

hey, I feel your pain: I had to start moderating my comments too since every morning I'd wake up to 100-200 spam comments. Movabletype has a spam filter, which culls a large number, but these latest kind evade the filter by quoting literature or news items. Quite annoying. I'd hate to be a high profile site.

Gen'ral Zad said...

Yeah, but how are you going to give me those 2 minutes that I used to make a comment back???

(I kid...mostly because I've very much neglected to make any sort of comments)

geoff said...

I'll give you back those two minutes in a very special way this Saturday night.