Monday, September 12, 2005

World War 7

WW7 went as planned--by me. Again Yahtzee was in command for much of the game--he controlled North America early and earned many extra armies because no one could muster the strength to shove him out. I played conservatively, building a small but significant and isolated stronghold in Siberia and Japan, and controlling Africa, the Middle East, and southern Europe much of the game. B. did the same in Asia, holding onto Australia for most of the conflict, and Stewie held South America and was able to muster small stretched strength across Eastern Europe. There was a great deal of small-time blood-letting: Stewie and I traded East Africa several times, I took and lost several wintry wastelands in Asia time and again, and Yahtzee made sure to harrass B. repeatedly from Alaska and me from Iceland and Great Britain again and again. But by the midpoint of the game things looked remarkably similar to the early rounds. Once the cards started to cash in, however, things changed dramatically. I waited as long as possible to collect armies, which cost me initially but paid off long-term. Yahtzee got a big score of re-enforcemnts and was able to butcher me--he drove me out of Europe, then Africa, but actually fell right into my trap. I'd left a swath of thinly protected territories to draw him in. He wanted to ensure I had no re-enforcements coming from controlling a continent, but I maintained significant strength in Japan and Middle East--he could've knocked me out of one, but not both, and not without losing his own dominance. Bogged down, he had to stop. Stewie and I and B. maintained a calm detente for much of the match, only doing what we needed for cards, building strength when possible. Then B. attacked me when Yahtzee had me on the ropes, and all bets were off. Yahtzee saw that 60 armies were coming and he obliterated Stewie, taking all of South America, swooping down out of Alaska, kicking B. out of Australia, before solidifying his hold on half of Europe when things turned sour for him. I had a fortuitous stretch of lucky card draws, and managed to win back Africa, conquer South America, and knock Yahtzee out of Europe. Even though he'd knocked Stewie out and got his cards, I had the three I needed and cashed them in for the major score. Very quickly I destroyed Yahtzee, chasing his sorry ass out of North America, then finally bringing my Japanese armies into play, and again destroying his last standing men in New Guinea. The very next turn I took care of B. to earn the crown--at last.

Of course, we drank enough wine to drown Mike Brown, so details are sketchy--excepting the most important detail: my overwhelming tactical skills.