Sunday, September 25, 2005

DC Protest, 09/24/05

I've got dozens of photos from yesterday's immense rally and march in DC, but the CD of said photos is not working here on the Liberry PCs and my home internet connection is too slow to upload photos. I'll figure it out eventually and get some shots online.

I've been to many DC marches; this was by far the biggest. It took Silenus and I two hours to go a block because there were masses of people jammed all along the route, and there were masses behind us. Heading up the east side of the White House we could see to the Capital, and the huge swarms of protesters finishing off a block to our east. The route was packed so tightly that for much of the march we were at a standstill. The Washington Post this morning says in their first paragraph that "tens of thousands" marched, then they quote a DC Police Captain who said "150,000 is as good a guess as any"--but at least it's on the front page with a photo. The NYTimes gets it right, saying "vast" numbers were present, but bury their story on p12, with a brief mention and small photo on A1.

Chanting "Shame!" at the White House? Most edifying indeed, even if Bush was bunkered down under the Rockies and Cheney was under the knife. We were exhausted after more than six hours on our feet, and found Cha selling bunches of her shirts and buttons on the Mall. It took a bit under two and a half hours to get home because of an accident on 495--from the New Carrollton Metro to College Park is typically a ten-minute ride; yesterday it took 55 minutes. We saw Virginia Monologues speaking before Jesse Jackson, Cindy Sheehan, George Galloway, Ramsey Clark--The Usual Suspects at these events, and later ran into It's Australian for Beer.

Meanwhile, here are enough photos to give you an idea of the size of this rally. I took some small movies amidst the chaos as well.