Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We're Through the Looking-Glass, People!

Jane and Arianna are my go-to sources for Plamegate, and have been for months. Neither has allowed the story to vanish the way much of Left Blogistan and the MSM has in the wake of Katrina. Arianna's most recent post is most interesting; what if W. stood by Bolton for so long not because he really likes him, but because Bolton knows too much, and denying him a promised position would be very costly?

I remember watching Dodd and Biden and Durbin foaming at the mouth about certain unavailable intelligence documents requested by Bolton; the thinking at the time I believe was that Bolton had gotten dossiers on intelligence officers who weren't playing ball on Iraq and WMD in order to pressure them.

Perhaps those grandstanding Dems knew or at least suspected Bolton was implicated in the Plame outing? Was Valerie Plame/Wilson in one of those dossiers? Maybe Fitzgerald's net is even bigger than I've been hoping all along? Great, great stuff.