Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Top Five List

The Top Five Worst Reasons the Service Desk sucks today:

5) Germs

I've been coughed at/on and sneezed at/on at least a half-dozen times in the past three hours. Cover your mouths, morons!

4) Mass Comm students

Do you have that cable and TV thingy? (meaning Broadcasting and Cable)

3) Accounting students

Him: I need the Journal of Accountancy.

Me: Fill out the form and I need your ID.

Him: I hate filling out those forms.

Me: Well, no form, no journal.

Him: (fills out his name, throws the form at me) I'll be over there. (tries to grab the journal)

Me: You need to fill out the form--ID #, title of the journal, and date.

Him: Fucking bullshit.

Me: (walking to the back with his journal)

Him: Ok goddamit. Why do you keep them in the back? Who the fuck would steal one of these?

Me: Oh, I dunno, someone too lazy and inconsiderate to fill out three lines on a simple form perhaps?

Him: You need your ass kicked buddy!

Me: I get off at ten!

2) Instructors Who Don't Bathe

And he comes in every night! He smells progressively worse! And tonight he told me he doesn't do laundry either!

1) The Equipment

Nothing works tonight: not the printers, not the printcard readers, not the PCs, not the microfilm readers. I am not a technician!