Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rehnquist in Hell

We were at Ferocity's wedding Saturday, and had a great time. I was cajoled into 'dancing' by Cha far too much, but after we got home and found out that the Chief Justice had kicked off, I was glad. I'd always planned to be drinking and celebrating when he died, and even if the causal relationship wasn't clear, I felt content that I was perhaps boogy-ing when the Grim Reaper clutched old William by the nuts.

The wedding was cool and informal and presided over by the professional and oh-so-devout Reverend Emily. The bride was escorted by baby Eve. There were many Borders veterans, several librarians, and much Boordi wine. Plus, there was Move Like Seamus in full effect for the first time in a year! Ferocity sat us with Michael Savage in Corey Feldman's body, but not even that could prevent the fun. A blast! Hopefully I can get some pix up later.

Sunday we were lazy. VERY lazy. Around 9:30 K'wali called and they came over to beat us at Scrabble. He and I drank our way through 2 fifths of wine before Klezma put the kibosh on him. I'm like: "Dude, we're having fun!" She's all like: "You don't have to sleep with him." True.

Friday night I was also drunk on wine at Yahtzee's place, where the fortunate roll of a die rendered me triumphant. Take that backgammon loser!

Now I'm back at the Liberry. Fug it.