Thursday, September 29, 2005


I watched the Roberts vote live on MSNBC, figuring this might be the last Chief Justice vote I see until I'm in my sixties or seventies (if I get there). Why were Schumer and Kerry absent? So they could avoid taking a position?

I'm on pins 'n needles over the next choice--and feeling rather confident. With Bush's polls in the loo and the Repugnants awash in scandal, I think the Dumbs will be emboldened to fight on the next nominee if s/he turns out to be a fire-breather. They'll even perhaps be emboldened enough to filibuster, and the "nuclear option" will not be viable for four simple reasons: Snowe, Collins, Chafee, and Specter.

Oops, with Jeffords that's still only 59 nays--so the "nuclear option" will still be viable unless the stench of scandal scares Hagel, Voinovich, and/or McCain out of the fold as well; I'm counting on that potentiality. Hagel and McCain want the White House, and may have to distance themselves from the fundies and try to claim the middle--voting against a Priscilla Owens would give them that opportunity. Voinovich might be in deep trouble as Ohio turns more purple as he stands for re-election in '06 as well.

Whatever happens, we'll see some great theater on C-SPAN.